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Into the Mist: Chapter 6
Skylar's POV.
I rolled over in the bed, feeling the mattress beneath me, I'm in my own bed. Was it all just one big nightmare? Was Jeff the Killer real? Jane? Eyeless Jack? Slenderman, BEN? Fuck, why did my neck hurt so much? I rubbed my neck and gasped, pain spread over my throat. What happened... Oh, right. Jane. It wasn't just one big nightmare. It was all real. "Good morning, sleeping beauty." I heard a voice come from next to me, I opened my eyes to see Jeff lying next to me, gazing down at me as he rested his head on his hand. I grinned, gah, why was he so cute? In a weird way. "Good morning." I groaned, I was hurting all over. My muscles ached and my cheek was stinging. "Are you alright?" Jeff asked, sitting up. "Yeah- Just sore." I smiled, rubbing the side of my head, ouch. Oh yeah, I fainted, and gave my head a good whack. Then I met Jane. "What happened to Jane?" I asked, rolling on my side to look at Jeff, who lay down again to face me. "I took care of her. She won't bother
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Into the Mist: Chapter 5
Skylar's POV.
Ouch, pain, everywhere. I rolled over in the large bed and touched my head. Ah fuck, that hurts. I sit up quickly, looking around the room. Where am I- Oh right. Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, BEN, Eyeless Jack. Where is Jeff? I slipped my legs over the side of the bed and stood up, my head was spinning, I grabbed onto the bedside table and waited for the dizzy spell to pass. Where the fuck is Jeff? I stumbed over to the door and opened it, poking my head out. The house was dead quiet as I tip-toed out into the hallway and stood at the top of the stairs. Where is everyone else? I quickly went down the stairs, trying to be quiet as I walked into the kitchen, there was no one. Fuck, there's someone behind me. I span around, only to face a tall black haired woman. She was extremely pale and had pitch black eyes. "Well, you must be Jeff's new little wrench. I don't particularily fancy his girls, especially the... Ugly ones." She laughed. This must be Jane. I backed away from he
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Into the Mist: Chapter 4
Skylar's POV.
To hell with it! "Okay." I nodded, Jeff let go of my chin, his eyes had gone from a menacing killer to soft and gentle. He stood from the bed, "Where exactly do you live-?" I asked, he started walking towards my door. "I live further into the forest, in an abandoned house. Along with a few friends of mine. There's Ticci Toby, we all just call him Toby." Ticci Toby- Hmm, I wonder what he is. "Is he a killer, or more like you?" I asked, Jeff shot me a glare. Oops. We walked out into the backyard. "He's like me. He'll kill anyone and anything." The glare hadn't left his eyes. My gosh, had I offended him? "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude." I stuttered, stumbling after him into the forest surrounding my house. "Who else is there?" I asked. "There's Jane the Killer, don't get in her way. She WILL hurt you." Jeff's eyes blazed with anger, what did he mean, she'll hurt me? "Okay- Well, I'll try." I said, fear laced my body. "Laughing Jack, he's pretty much a clown, and a ki
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Into the Mist: Chapter 3.
Skylars POV
"Skylar! Are you awake!?" I shot up from the bed in a dazed state, my brothers voice cutting me out of the dream that I was having. "Uh- Yes!" I replied, quickly standing from the bed and losing my balance, I fell on my ass and gave a yelp, my brother knocked on my door and looked in, laughing at me when he saw me on the floor.
"Are you alright?" He asked, stepping forward to help me up. "Yeah, I just stood up too fast." I smiled, "Ha, well, get dressed, because we're leaving soon. Grams is waiting!" He said, leaving my room, I went over to my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of black skinny leg jeans and a black and white sweater. I slipped out of my t-shirt and into a bra, pulling the sweater on after. I slipped into my jeans and walked into the bathroom, groaning at the sight of my face and hair. It was a tangled mess, I grabbed my brush and yanked it through the strands roughly, eventually, it was presentable. I quickly applied some mascara and left the bathroom, slipping
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Into the Mist: Chapter 2.
Skylar's POV.
I ran my hands over my forearm, feeling the texture of my scars, my old cuts, ones I'd done to myself. I'm getting better, I swear. "You've really screwed up, do you know that!?" My brother yelled down at me, I was perched on the end of my bed as my brother paced back and forth, glancing out the window a few times, into the dark night. "I-," I wanted to explain myself to him, he had to know what I was feeling. I was tired of holding it all in, he needed to know what I was going through. "No! Skylar, I do not want to hear it! I swore to mum, when she died, that I'd protect you and take care of you, but you've been doing that!" He pointed at my arm, "How long have you been doing it for!?" He demanded, kneeling to look me in the eyes. "Uh- ever since mum died." A tear left my eye, I kept my eyes on him as he swiped his blonde hair from his eyes. "So, about four years? And you never thought to tell me? Skylar, I love you, you're my sister, and I hate that you've been doing th
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Mature content
Into the Mist: Chapter 1. :iconkenziekaykaulitz:kenziekaykaulitz 1 0
Zombie Country. Chapter 2.
"Should we all go?" Splash asked.
"No, that'd be too dangerous." Vex sighed, he looked at Arya and then her body, Arya gave him a look and Vex caught it.
"No, no, maybe you should go because you're smaller." Vex suggested and Splash scoffed.
"But she's a female!"
"That doesn't matter. She's smaller so she has less a chance of being seen and-," Vex started but Splash cut him off.
"I don't care if she's smaller! I'm smarter!" Splash hissed.
"If zombies go after her, she probably has a chance of slipping between small spaces and getting away. Or even hiding." Vex hissed and Splash folded his arms.
Arya opened the back of the truck, the streets were deserted and a few of the shops windows had been smashed open. Vex handed her a large bag, "Just incase you find anything. Just get things that you think we'd need."
She slipped out of the truck with her bow in hand and the bag strapped to her back. Vex and Splash watched her as she pushed open the stores door gently and slid inside.
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Zombie Country. Chapter 1.
Day 1 – Arya.
It was 10:30 in the morning when Arya heard of the infection, at first she thought it was something like the Swine Flu, but when the part about people completely changing and turning on fellow human beings and actually eating them? She knew it was much worse.
The streets were unsafe to be on, people ran around like headless chickens and screamed that they were going to die. The military were doing all they could to keep the infection under control, but it was just spreading too fast. Arya knew she had to get out of the city, but she also knew her dad would never let her leave.
She moved into the lounge room where her dad was perched on the arm of the couch as he watched out the window. The street was swarmed with SWAT teams and members from the army; they were heavily armed and shooting at something down the road.
"Dad? We have to leave." Arya stood next to her father and looked down at him; he took his eyes off of the display outside for a quick second to look at he
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Andrew Biersack! by kenziekaykaulitz Andrew Biersack! :iconkenziekaykaulitz:kenziekaykaulitz 3 2 Best.ever. by kenziekaykaulitz Best.ever. :iconkenziekaykaulitz:kenziekaykaulitz 1 2 My baby Fergus :/ by kenziekaykaulitz My baby Fergus :/ :iconkenziekaykaulitz:kenziekaykaulitz 4 4
A new story!
Okay, so my friend and I decided to write another story together, you'd know her from her writing in Lux und Ausländer :3 Her name is Libby c: But this story is different, it isn't like a huge zombie apocalypse, its more of a supernatural theme :3 Here are our characters!
Alex Gaskarth
Originating from America, Alex is an Incubus, the male version of a Succubus. An Incubus is a male demon who is known to have sexual intercourses with sleeping women! Alex has wispy brown hair and deep brown eyes, he is tall and skinny. He works for Ademia Morg , protects her, makes sure she doesn't get killed. He also has a very special bond with Ademia.
Ademia Morg
Ademia originally lived in heaven... but she has a strong British accent, she is a Fallen Angel, in other words, an angel who rebelled against God and was cast out of heaven. Ademia has dark red hair with golden brown eyes, she is curvy and very slim. She shares a special bond with Alex and seems to be
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Me! by kenziekaykaulitz Me! :iconkenziekaykaulitz:kenziekaykaulitz 0 11 Black Veil Brides.Kerrang.Soundwave. by kenziekaykaulitz Black Veil Brides.Kerrang.Soundwave. :iconkenziekaykaulitz:kenziekaykaulitz 6 0
Werewolves. Chapter 1.
Run. Run and don't look back. I knew they were coming after me, I knew they were close. I could hear them, even though my hearing wasn't that good, I knew they were near. What do I do? I can't keep this pace up for much longer. The same thoughts were going through my head; I'm not going to make it.
I was far from my home, far away, why did I wander into the woods anyway? I wanted to see the new winter morning, first day of winter. Everything was covered in snow, the trees, their leaves, shone with early morning snow and dew.
I ran, keeping my head up and eyes alert, what would I do if they caught me? What would happen to me? Would they eat me? Or turn me?
I bet you're now wondering whom I mean by they, do you want to know? Well you haven't got much choice really because I'm going to tell you anyway. The wolves. They aren't just the average, normal wolf, they're people, originally, but they phase, wear the wolf form as if it were their daily outfit.
Scared yet? No? Well, that w
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Andy Biersack. New hair. by kenziekaykaulitz Andy Biersack. New hair. :iconkenziekaykaulitz:kenziekaykaulitz 34 31


So it's been a long time since I've been on DeviantArt... Considering coming back and uploading some of my works :)


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Hey guys!

My name is Kenz, I'm 21 and from Perth, Western Australia. I love to write, read, play World of Warcraft and listen to music.
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I've decided that I'm going to re-write Chapter's 2, 3 and 4. I just dont like how they've turned out and I read over them and realize how poorly written they are... so if you've read Chapter 1, look out for the new chapters that are to come!



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