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Skylar's POV.
I rolled over in the bed, feeling the mattress beneath me, I'm in my own bed. Was it all just one big nightmare? Was Jeff the Killer real? Jane? Eyeless Jack? Slenderman, BEN? Fuck, why did my neck hurt so much? I rubbed my neck and gasped, pain spread over my throat. What happened... Oh, right. Jane. It wasn't just one big nightmare. It was all real. "Good morning, sleeping beauty." I heard a voice come from next to me, I opened my eyes to see Jeff lying next to me, gazing down at me as he rested his head on his hand. I grinned, gah, why was he so cute? In a weird way. "Good morning." I groaned, I was hurting all over. My muscles ached and my cheek was stinging. "Are you alright?" Jeff asked, sitting up. "Yeah- Just sore." I smiled, rubbing the side of my head, ouch. Oh yeah, I fainted, and gave my head a good whack. Then I met Jane. "What happened to Jane?" I asked, rolling on my side to look at Jeff, who lay down again to face me. "I took care of her. She won't bother you anymore." He said, his face was grim.

"Oh- Okay." I said, pulling the blanket up to my chin. "Cold." I sighed, Jeff reached over and brushed my hair from my face. He climbed under the covers and wrapped his arms around me, I felt myself go stiff for a second, before relaxing into his warmth. He was so warm, I wrapped my arms around his waist and buried my face into the crook of his neck. "You're so warm." I breathed, he had a strange scent, it was mixed with cologne along with a salty tang. I liked it. "You're freezing." He laughed, his chin was on top of my head, his chest rumbled as he laughed.

Where's Daren? I thought, what time is it? "What time is it?" I mumbled, closing my eyes. "Eleven thirty." Jeff said, I gasped. "Where's my brother- He was supposed to be home this morning. Oh god, what am I going to tell him-" I muttered. "He came home, checked on you, saw that you were asleep and then he went out again." Jeff said, patting my back gently. I felt strange comfort in his touch, why was a cuddling with a psycho killer? Why was I even allowing myself to be this close to him. Heck, I only met him last night. "What are you thinking?" Jeff asked. "Why I'm allowing myself to be so close to you- I barely know you. And you kill people." I said quietly, unsure of his reaction. I felt him stiffen, oh no, is he mad? I pulled away from him to look at his face, his mouth as set in a straight line, despite the smile that was carved into his cheeks.

"I-I'm sorry." I stuttered, moving out of his reach and sitting at the end of the bed, bowing my head. "I didn't mean to offend you. I'm sorry." I heard and felt him shift, my view of him shielded by my hair. "You're right." I heard his footsteps, I glanced up, he was now standing by the window. "Huh?" I gasped, flipping my legs over the edge of the bed. "You're right. I'm a fucking psycho. I could hurt you at any second, I'd regret it. I could snap at you, I really don't want to hurt you, Skylar." Jeff said quietly, how had he developed feelings for me so quickly? Did I want this? "I-," I started but Jeff cut me off. "You don't need me in your life. I'd just be another problem for you." Another? "What do you mean, another?" I asked, looking at him with an intense stare. "You know, you're arms. They tell me many things. I heard your conversation with your brother, about it. You're too precious to do that to yourself, you don't deserve the self hate, the pain, the lonliness-," He stepped closer to me. "You're right. I don't want to be lonely anymore. So stay." I stood up and stepped in front of him, looking into his eyes. They were dark, almost raven black, his eyes were wide. I reached out and grabbed his hands in mine, rubbing my thumb over the backs of his hands.

"I'm scared." He whispered. Woah, Jeff the Killer, scared? "Why?" I asked quietly, biting down on my lip. Why was I holding onto him, why did I want him to stay, and why the hell do I have feelings for a killer? One I'd only just met? "I'm terrified I'll hurt you. I have in the past, I've snapped on my loved ones-," He glanced down at our intertwined hands. "Stop, that's in the past." I squeezed his hands. He looked at me again, running his tongue over his lips. "If only you knew-," Jeff sighed, bowing his head, his black hair falling into his face. "Knew what?" I asked, reaching up with one hand to brush his hair back. "What I did to them." Jeff stepped away from me, ripping his hand from mine. I let my arms fall back to my sides as I watched him, he paced back and forth. "I was so stupid! If I hadn't have been so fucked up before, and after- They'd still be alive." Alive? He killed them? I stepped back slightly and clenched my hands into fists. "I was stupid, Skylar!" He yelled, stepping towards me again, he became threatening, so close that I could feel the warmth and anger radiating from his body. "Jeff-," I started but he pushed me back into my bedside table, his hands grabbing my forearms. "I slaughtered them. I killed them!" He stared into my eyes, I didn't dare blink or even move. "Jeff please-," His hands were like tight metal vices around my arms, the pressure from his grip caused waves of pain to radiate through my body. Jeff let out a pained groan, shoving himself away from me, I let out the breath that I was holding and rubbed my arms. My, that's most likely going to bruise.

"I don't want to do the same to you. I don't even know why I care for you! I've met plenty of girls like you, but they're dead! Because of me- Skylar-," He had tears streaming down his face, what the hell is going on? I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around him, holding him tight. It took him a few seconds to respond, he wrapped his arms around me, one hand in my hair as his fingers intertwined with the long red strands, his face was pressed into my hair. "Please don't go." I whispered into his chest, he ran his hand through my hair, holding me tighter. Why do I care about him so much?
Skylar's POV.
Ouch, pain, everywhere. I rolled over in the large bed and touched my head. Ah fuck, that hurts. I sit up quickly, looking around the room. Where am I- Oh right. Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, BEN, Eyeless Jack. Where is Jeff? I slipped my legs over the side of the bed and stood up, my head was spinning, I grabbed onto the bedside table and waited for the dizzy spell to pass. Where the fuck is Jeff? I stumbed over to the door and opened it, poking my head out. The house was dead quiet as I tip-toed out into the hallway and stood at the top of the stairs. Where is everyone else? I quickly went down the stairs, trying to be quiet as I walked into the kitchen, there was no one. Fuck, there's someone behind me. I span around, only to face a tall black haired woman. She was extremely pale and had pitch black eyes. "Well, you must be Jeff's new little wrench. I don't particularily fancy his girls, especially the... Ugly ones." She laughed. This must be Jane. I backed away from her slowly, looking for a way out. "Already looking for escape? Come on, we just met." Jane laughed, I looked down at her hands, she was holding a knife. A very big, sharp knife.

"Please leave me alone." I asked, gently and quietly. She laughed again, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "Why would I do that, hmm? Oh, how I want to gut you, and cut you up-" She lashed out with the knife, slicing my cheek. I gasped, falling to my knees with my hand over the cut. "Scream for me!" She demanded, kicking me in the gut. I groaned as I fell onto my back, she was quick to stand over me, she knelt down, holding her knife against my neck. I didn't dare move, or even make a sound. "Should I slice your pretty little neck? Hmm, or-" She removed the knife and placed her hand firmly around my throat. Her vice like grip quickly cutting off my air. "I love it when humans squirm." I gasped and clawed at her hand, it didn't take long for my mind to start going fuzzy and my body to become unresponsive. Just let go, let it all go. Suddenly, her weight was gone and air rushed into my lungs as I took a deep, gasping breath. I rolled onto my side to see Eyeless Jack pinning Jane to the ground. "Go!" He yelled, I scrambled to my feet and bolted towards the front door, pulling it open and running into the dark forest.

It felt like I was running for hours, and in circles. My head was spinning violently and my whole body felt like giving up. I stumbled into the backyard of my house, falling onto the grass as I gasped for breath. I heard Jane's yells ring through the forest. "Here, here! Little red-head bitch!" She screamed. I quickly pulled myself up and started running towards my house. Why am I cornering myself? I can't run anymore. My cheek was stinging from the large deep gash that Jane had given me. Oh please, Jeff. Help me. "Daren!?" I screamed out. Oh shit, he wasn't home. He was at his friends, I recalled. I was alone, I was going to die. Don't let her get you! Hide! I quietly shut the backdoor behind me and ran up the stairs to my room. The house was pitch black, I couldn't see anything, but I knew my way around my room. I pulled my closet door open and climbled inside, nesting myself in the corner under blankets before closing the door.

Jeff's POV.
"Skylar?" I called as I walked into the house. "Jeff! JEFF!" Eyeless Jack called from the kitchen, I ran in to find him on the floor, his achilles had been sliced. "Jane! She's after Skylar- I tried to stop her!" Fuck, fuck. No, Skylar. "Shit- Slendy, help Eyeless Jack!" I yelled before running out of the house, and ran to the direction of Jane's screams, and Skylar.

Skylar's POV.
Jane was close. I could hear her in my room. I tried to breathe quietly, but I let out a squeak as I heard a crash in my bedroom. "Ah- I knew you were in here." I'm going to die. The closet door was ripped open and Jane stood there, a wild gleam in her eye as she reached down and grabbed me by my hair, pulling me from the closet. "I'm going to enjoy this." Jane cackled, pulling my body up against hers as she placed the knife over my throat. She pressed it hard, I felt warmth spread down my neck as she pressed it harder. "Skylar!" Jeff. He appeared in the doorway and stopped short. "Jane- Please." He begged, walking into the room with his hands up. "What does she mean to you? Why can't I kill her? I might as well, considering you couldn't!" She yelled, pressing the knife deeper. I gave a cry, "Jane. Please don't kill her. Stop hurting her!" Jeff lunged forward, the knife fell from my neck as Jeff tackled Jane. I fell forward onto the hard floor. I pressed my hand to my neck, it was wet with blood. I felt tears escape from my eyes, I rolled myself into a ball as Jeff and Jane fought, today definitely wasn't my day.

Jeff's POV.
Oh, she was going to pay. For hurting my Skylar- my perfect Skylar. I smashed my fist to her face, grabbing her and throwing her across the room. "Why wont you let me be happy!?" I demanded, she laughed maniacally, flipping the knife in her hand before throwing it at me. I dodged it effortlessly, "You don't deserve happiness, Jeffrey. You're a fucking psychopath. You FEED off of pain! Pain you inflict on innocent people! You get off by killing! You deserve nothing!" She screamed, anger pulsed within me. She was going to pay big time. "I know, I'm fucking crazy! Crazy enough to do this!" I yelled back, I lunged for her, driving my knife through her heart. She choked on her breath, her eyes met mine, before they died dull.

I looked over at Skylar, she was wrapped in a ball on the floor, sobbing heavily. No, please. I rushed over to her, rolling her into my lap, holding her. "Skylar, please don't cry. You're okay, you're safe." I rocked back and forth, she wrapped her arms around my waist and cried into my hoodie. Why did I care so much for this girl? "Let me see." I said, standing up with her in my arms, I flicked the light on and sat her on the bed. I brushed the hair from her face and groaned with guilt. Why did I leave her alone? Her eyes were red and raw from crying, she had a big deep gash on her cheek, "Did Jane do that?" I asked, cupping my hand over the cut. She nodded weakly. I grabbed her chin and tilted her head back, she had a nasty cut across her neck too, it was deep, but not deep enough for her to bleed to death. "Lie down, I'm going to get some bandages or something, and some painkillers. Then you're going to sleep, okay?" She nodded again and lay down on the bed, crawling under the covers. I stood from the bed and went into her bathroom, she had enough bandage to go around her neck, I found some painkillers and filled a glass with water. I went back to her on the bed and gave her the pills and water. She took them, thanked me and placed the glass on the bedside table. "Can you sit up for a moment while I put this on?" I asked, holding up the bandage. She sat up without saying anything, why won't she talk?

She held her hair up above her head as I began to wrap the bandage around. Covering the wound and tucking the end of the bandage neatly underneath, "Okay, you can sleep now. I'll be here. You'll be safe. I'll be here when you wake up. I promise." I tucked the blanket around her and stood up. She closed her eyes and was asleep almost instantly. I sighed, looking over at Jane's body. Fuck, Slendy was going to kill me. I lifted Jane's body from the floor and carried it out of the house, only to be greeted by Slendy. "What the fuck have you done, Jeff?" He growled, taking Jane's body from me. "I-I had to. She was going to kill Skylar." I stuttered, "Jane was out of control, yes. But you did not have to kill her. She knew that she wasn't allowed to attack anyone of your interest, but she did anyway. She would have been punished." Slenderman disappeared, taking Jane with him.
Skylar's POV.
To hell with it! "Okay." I nodded, Jeff let go of my chin, his eyes had gone from a menacing killer to soft and gentle. He stood from the bed, "Where exactly do you live-?" I asked, he started walking towards my door. "I live further into the forest, in an abandoned house. Along with a few friends of mine. There's Ticci Toby, we all just call him Toby." Ticci Toby- Hmm, I wonder what he is. "Is he a killer, or more like you?" I asked, Jeff shot me a glare. Oops. We walked out into the backyard. "He's like me. He'll kill anyone and anything." The glare hadn't left his eyes. My gosh, had I offended him? "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude." I stuttered, stumbling after him into the forest surrounding my house. "Who else is there?" I asked. "There's Jane the Killer, don't get in her way. She WILL hurt you." Jeff's eyes blazed with anger, what did he mean, she'll hurt me? "Okay- Well, I'll try." I said, fear laced my body. "Laughing Jack, he's pretty much a clown, and a killer. Hell, we're all killers." I nodded, grabbing Jeff by the back of his hoodie to keep my balance as we stepped over fallen brances, it was completely dark now, and I was terrified. "Are you alright?" Jeff asked, looking at me over my shoulder, I shook my head. "I'm just- Scared of the dark." I muttered.
"You'll be fine, we're almost there." It didn't feel like it, but we'd been walking for over an hour. Well, my body was feeling it, my legs were aching and my head was spinning from the darkness. I kept my hand clenched around the material of Jeff's hoodie. I didn't even know why I was trusting this guy, but I'm a girl for adventure, even if that means walking off into the forest, in the dark, with a killer. But for some fucked up reason, I trusted this guy. "Is there anyone else?" I asked. "There's Eyeless Jack, he's also a killer, he steals peoples kidneys at night and eats them. He should be okay towards you." I squeaked as I tripped over a branch, I fell face first into the dirt and dead leaves. "Get up." Jeff grumbled. "Mortals are so god damn helpless."

I rolled onto my back and took a gasping breath, winded twice in one night? God dammit. "Get up!" Jeff half yelled, he looked down at me with anger written all over his face. I cowered and stood from the ground, brushing the leaves from the front of me. "I'm sorry." I mumbled, wrapping my arms around myself as I followed him, he lead me onto a path, there was a large house up ahead. "Sorry- I didn't mean to yell." He said, looking at me with apologetic eyes. "It's fine." I smiled. "There's also BEN, he's a bit of a pervert, so just stay away from him. And Slenderman. He'll be fine towards you, because I brought you here." Jeff said, leading me up a few steps and through the front door of the large house. "Don't be afraid, they won't dare harm you, unless they want a fight with me." Jeff reassured, I nodded. He's protecting me- But why? Why didn't he kill me?
"Slendy?" Jeff called, the house seemed empty, but a tall faceless man dressed in a suit appeared infront of us, he had 6 large black tenticle-like arms protruding from his back. I screamed and backed towards the door, Jeff grabbed my hand and squeezed it. "Jeff. Who is this?" The man boomed, I hid behind Jeff slightly, squeezing his hand hard. The feeling of his hand in mine felt- right. "This is Skylar. I just wanted to bring her here, I couldn't kill her. I couldn't let myself do it." Jeff said. "Hmm- Well, welcome, Skylar. There is no need to be afraid. No harm to you will come from me. I'm Slenderman." Slenderman nodded, "H-Hello, thank you." I stuttered, Jeff tugged me out from behind him so I stood by his side, he was taller than me, by at least a foot. He let go of my hand, and my stomach dropped, the feeling of his hand not there didn't feel right.

"BEN, say hello to or guest." Slenderman boomed, I looked over to the living room to see a boy playing a video game, he was thoroughly engrossed in the game. "Uh, hi." BEN waved his hand over at us. "Pause that bloody thing." Slenderman growled, BEN groaned and paused it, standing from the couch to finally look at me and gasp. "Well, well, well. What's your name, gorgeous?" BEN slinked towards me, I gasped, he had limp blonde hair, and his eyes were black, with red iris's. "Uh- I'm Skylar." I stuttered, looking at Jeff. "You're just simply- Breath taking." BEN winked. "Thank yo-" I started but Jeff stepped infront of me. "Keep your hands off, BEN." He growled. BEN stepped back, "Uh- I'm sorry, Jeff." He went back to the couch and sat down, resuming his game. I looked at Jeff as he looked back at me, Slenderman had disappeared during the discussion. "Come on." Jeff said, leading me through a large doorway and into a kitchen. There was a boy sitting at the table, he had his head hanging and shoulders slumped over a plate of red, bloody meat. "Eyeless Jack." Jeff said stiffly, Eyeless Jack stood up from the table and faced us. My whole body felt like jelly, his face was blue, and he had no eyes. I felt my eyes go wide, "This is Skylar." Eyeless Jack nodded at me. I felt myself nodding out, oh god, please don't faint here. "Skylar?" Jeff's voice seemed far away, I felt him shaking my shoulder, but I couldn't respond. My legs gave way from under me, and my whole being was enveloped in darkness.

Jeff's POV.
"Skylar?" I called, shaking her shoulder gently. Her eyes were souly focused on Eyeless Jack, they were wide with fear, and panic. Oh god, why was she looking like this? I felt a pang of guilt, why did I bring her here? All of a sudden, she dropped, her body hit the floor and her head cracked against the tiles. "Fuck!" I knelt down beside her, trying to shake her awake. She had a nasty cut on her forehead from the impact, she was out cold. "Skylar?" I picked her up, heading towards the stairs. "Get Slendy." I shouted in Eyeless Jack's direction, he gave a sharp nod and ran off. I carried her towards my room, kicking the door open. I lay her down on my unmade bed and knelt beside the bed. I brushed her hair from her face, her lips were parted as she gasped in sharp, short breaths. Had she fainted from the sight of Eyeless Jack? Was she sick?

Slenderman appeared next to me, "What happened?" He demanded. "I-I don't know, I was introducing her to Eyeless Jack and she just- Fell. And she hit her head pretty hard." I said, Slendy pushed me out of the way and inspected the cut on her head. BEN and Eyeless Jack were at the door, watching as Slendy looked at Skylar. "She needs rest. She might be a bit concussed but she should be okay. Leave her be for now." Slendy said, I nodded as I walked back towards the door, shoving the boys out of the way. "Let her sleep." I snapped, the nodded and ran back down the stairs. Ugh, I should have caught her. Why wasn't I paying more attention? I shouldn't have even brought her here in the first place. She's a mortal, she's a terrified wreck. Of course she wouldn't have handled meeting the others well. I kicked the wall and yelled with anger, why was she making me feel like this!? Why did I care for her!? "SLENDY! Watch over Skylar. I'm going out." I yelled. Without thinking twice, I ran out the front door and into the forest.
Into the Mist: Chapter 4
A few more Creepypastas have been introduced :) Enjoy!
Skylars POV
"Skylar! Are you awake!?" I shot up from the bed in a dazed state, my brothers voice cutting me out of the dream that I was having. "Uh- Yes!" I replied, quickly standing from the bed and losing my balance, I fell on my ass and gave a yelp, my brother knocked on my door and looked in, laughing at me when he saw me on the floor.
"Are you alright?" He asked, stepping forward to help me up. "Yeah, I just stood up too fast." I smiled, "Ha, well, get dressed, because we're leaving soon. Grams is waiting!" He said, leaving my room, I went over to my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of black skinny leg jeans and a black and white sweater. I slipped out of my t-shirt and into a bra, pulling the sweater on after. I slipped into my jeans and walked into the bathroom, groaning at the sight of my face and hair. It was a tangled mess, I grabbed my brush and yanked it through the strands roughly, eventually, it was presentable. I quickly applied some mascara and left the bathroom, slipping on my boots, picking up my phone and handbag as I left my bedroom. I skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen, my brother stood there with a glass of orange juice for me. "My, someones awfully cheerful today." Daren smiled. "I just had a good sleep, that's all." I grinned, taking the juice. "That's good, you need it." Daren said, shrugging on his leather jacket. "Hey, Daren?" I called as he went into the living room. "Yeah?" He answered.
"Were you in my room last night? After we had that- discussion?" I asked. "No? Why would you ask that? I went to bed straight after." He said, poking his head back through the doorway. "Oh, don't worry." I smiled, "Okay-," Daren said, he looked confused. "Come on, we're going to be late. You know how Grams is when we're late." He laughed.
"Okay, love you Grams!" We called, we left her house with a tray of cookies, she always overfed us. It was fast approaching nightfall as we climbed into Darens truck, I set the cookie tray between us as he started the engine. "What are you doing tonight?" He asks me, I shrug, "Probably just stay in my room, listen to music, you know, the usual." I laughed, looking at Daren. He pulled the truck up outside of our house, leaving the engine running. "I'm going out tonight with a few friends, I'll be home in the morning. Is that okay? Are you going to be alright on your own?" Daren leaned over, hugging me around the shoulders. "I'll be fine, Daren. Go have fun with your friends. You deserve it." I smiled, he unhooked the house key from his car keys and handed it to me. "Lock the door behind you, don't let anyone in. Stay safe. I love you, sis." Daren said sternly, I nodded, "I love you too, bro."

I climbed out of the truck and put my handbag over my shoulder, reaching into the truck to grab the tray of cookies. Daren grabbed one and took a bite, I gave a chuckle and shut the door. I moved my way to the front door, unlocking it slowly. Daren beeped the horn, I waved my hand towards him in a goodbye manner as he drove off. I slammed the door behind me and was greeted with a dark, empty house, it was freezing in here. Maybe Daren had left a window or two open? I walked into the kitchen and placed the tray of cookies on the table, I flicked the light on and gasped. The backdoor was wide open. Oh jesus christ, maybe Daren had left it open on accident? No, he wouldn't do that, he always double checks doors and windows before leaving. A harsh shiver ran down my spine as stepped towards the door and shut it quietly. I dropped my handbag to the floor and slowly climbed the stairs towards my bedroom. My door was shut. I swear to god, that I left it open when I left. I sucked in a huge breath and reached for the doorknob, the light in my room was off, I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. I flicked the lightswitch and light flooded the room.

I began to walk towards the bathroom when something moved in the corner of my eye, I stood dead still, unmoving and terrified. There's something or someone in the room with me, and it's watching me, I can feel its eyes burning into me as I stand there. I slowly turn my head to the side, and my eyes widen when I see someone sitting on my bed. It was the person from last night, the face I'd see in the window. Panic flooded me as I stumbled backwards, he had a wide smile, an impossibly wide smile. It was carved into his cheeks and oh god, his eyes. They were wide, surrounded by black and his iris's were so dark, I couldn't see the pupils. He had shoulder length raven black hair, which stuck out in many directions.

"Well, aren't you going to say hello?" He asked, standing from the bed. I yelped and fell back into the door, trying to get away from him. He gave a chuckle, "My, you mortals are so easily frightened." He stepped a bit closer, "No- w-what, who are you? G-get away from me!" I cried, my hand fumbling for the doorknob. "Oh, please don't go. Not when I'm just beginning to have fun. Although, you're quite amusing to watch." He stated, I cocked my head, confused by his words. He's been watching me? "You- Was that you in my room last night? Moving around?" My eyes were wide with panic, and my breaths came out in laboured pants. "It was me, please don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you- much." He grinned, his smile spreading impossibly further.
"P-please don't hurt me." I begged, sliding to the floor and leaning against the door. I let my head hang low, my whole body trembled with fear, he walked forward and knelt before me. "Well, my dear. That is completely up to me. But- if you tell me a little about yourself, say, how you got those scars-," He pointed to my forearm. "Then maybe I'll let you go. You see, I'm quite intrigued, you're quite the catch." He said, reaching forward to brush my red hair from my face. I stiffened as he touched me, "Come on, girl, stand up." He stood and held his hand out to me. I brushed his hand away and scrambled to my feet, the man chuckled and turned towards my computer chair. Take the chance, Skylar. He wouldn't expect it- I lunged, jumping onto his back, I wrapped my arms around his neck and legs around his waist, he was quick to react, he grabbed my arms and effortlessly flung me off his back, I landed with a loud thud against the floor, I gasped for breath as the impact had winded me, he was ontop of me in seconds, pinning me to the cold hardwood floor.

"Get off-" I groaned, trying to shift under his weight. "Do you really think that I wasn't expecting that, Skylar?" He demanded, pressing his face close to mine. "How do you know my name?" I gasped, struggling under his grip. "Like I said, I've been watching you." He smiled, his eyes studying mine. "Well, you know my name, now, why don't you tell me yours?" I questioned. He ran his fingertips over my neck, a shiver ran through my body. "I'm Jeff. Jeff the Killer."

Jeff's POV.
I was thorougly enjoying this, Skylar was terrified of me. But did I want that? She was attractive after all, and pinning her to the floor like this was driving me crazy. She stared at me, after I'd told her my name, she'd gone completely quiet and her body was shaking like a leaf in the wind. "K-Killer?" She stuttered, I grinned at her, and nodded. She began to scream, trying to escape from underneath me. "No! Shh! Please stop screaming, you'll give me a headache." I said, clamping my hand over her mouth. "I'm not going to kill you, I won't!" I whispered in her ear, she immediately calmed down, her body slowly began to stop shaking, a part of me felt bad, for I'd made her that scared. "I'm going to get off you now, are you going to cooperate?" I questioned, she looked at me with fearful eyes, and nodded fiercely.

"Good." I grumbled, I stood up from her body and helped her off the floor. I kind of felt bad for slamming her onto the ground, I mean, the bed was a few feet away, couldn't I have thrown her just a bit further? I felt bad for hurting her, wait- Why are you thinking like this, Jeff? You're here to kill her. No- I can't. I sat her down on the bed and sat next to her, she was stiff next to me, barely taking her eyes off of me, my eyes, and my smile. "Now, are you going to tell me why you did that to yourself?" I asked, pulling her sleeve up her arm. She was quick to pull the sleeve back down. "I don't feel comfortable talking about it." She mumbled. I felt a pang of anger, why won't she tell me what I want to know? "D-don't take it personally, I don't really know the reason, myself." She sighed, pulling a pillow over and hugging it to her chest. "I understand." I smiled. God, why was I being so nice to her? Fuck, the things I would do- No, Jeff. "I want to know why you've been watching me. Why you're here now?" Skylar looked up at me, her eyes were bright green and filled with tears. "Well, don't take this the wrong way, but I was originally going to kill you, but after talking to you, even a little bit, I realized that you're too perfect to die. You don't deserve to-" Where the fuck is all of this coming from? I demanded to myself. "I want you to come with me." I said. What!? Slendy is going to fucking kill me.
"What? Where?" She asked, turning her body to face me a bit more. "Back to where I live. You can meet others like me." I smiled at her, god, why am I being so nice. "But- My brother- I can't." She said, frowning slightly, "And how do I know you won't hurt me? I don't really know yo-" I grabbed her chin in my hand. "I swear to you, that you will come under no harm from me, I'll protect you from the others. I will have you back in the morning, I promise." Ugh, I've never seen this side of Jeff the Killer. I don't think anyone has. I've never shown anyone mercy, or even vowed to protect someone.


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Hey all:)

My name is Mackenzie Paige, I'm a 17 year old girl from Perth, Western Australia! I love to read and write stories, love drawing and certainly love to listen to music! I'm a friendly, outgoing person so please don't be afraid to talk to me:3
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: The Fallen - Suicide Silence
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  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Nothing.
Sadly, the frontman from Suicide Silence, Mitch Lucker, was killed in a motorbike accident the other day, he passed away early in the morning on the 1st of November, what a shit start to November :/

I miss you man, even though I didn't know you personally, but I feel like I've lost a special part of me, knowing you're not here anymore tears me up. I loved you like the fan I am. My love goes towards the family who are suffering from such a tragic loss.


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DamaiMikaz Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch! You are awesome! :highfive:
kenziekaykaulitz Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Aww, no problem at all! Your art is amazing! <3
flightshadows Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hello friend. i believe we were destined to meet.
mattcrossley Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav ^^
kenziekaykaulitz Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Welcomeee c:
Sirilla-Love-Bill Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hi, girl!!! I haven't been on for months! And I haven't talked to you for longer than that!!! I feel so bad for not doing so!! How are you?!
kenziekaykaulitz Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awww, hello! :3 I haven't been on much either hehe, it's been so long since we last spoke! And don't feel bad :3 I'm going alright, thank you c: and yourself? What've you been up to?
Sirilla-Love-Bill Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yes it really has! :) that's good to hear :D I'm good, having just some days left of my summer vacation. The next saturday/sunday I'm going to start school again, and moving. So that's exciting! What have you been up to?! :heart:
kenziekaykaulitz Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That sounds incredibly exciting! :D I'm near the end of Year 11 in Australia haha, going into my final year of highschool next year so I'm actually pretty excited c: I'll be going to a program for Animal Studies each Friday so that can help me in University! :3
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